VHS 2019 Official selections


The Banshee - Donncha Gilmore - Dublin, Ireland

The Banshee only targets abusive men, so anybody not guilty of that sin will have nothing to worry about.

Atomic Ed - Nicolas Hugon & Lesueur mathieu - France

The day when the body of one of the members of Mark’s gang is found horribly mutilated, the gang lashes out at Ed, am introverted and passionate DIY man.

Ed has no choice but to take responsibility and an improvised weapon to become the one he has always dreamed of being.

Let’s Go Down - Phil Davis - USA

Let's Go Down is a film about a young woman named Ember, who on the night of her 30th birthday party is also privately dealing with the aftermath of a sexual assault perpetrated by one of her guests. Doubting the legal system's ability to deliver justice, she decides to take matters into her own hands.

El Ayuwoki - Gary Ye - Vancouver, Canada

Based on a spanish meme about Michael Jackson.

Helsinki Mansplaining Massacre - Ilja Rautsi - Helsinki, Finland

An intensely hysterical horror comedy about one woman’s desperate struggle to survive a horde of men with frail egos, who just want to explain everything to her. But the biggest horror may be closer to her than she thinks.

The Helping Hand - Brenden Hubbard - Tuscon, USA

From the Academy Award winning team behind Curfew, The Helping Hand explores the ties between technology and a growing family. With a new baby at home, young parents adopt a hi-tech monitoring system. Will it be an answer to their woes or have they invited a monster into their home?

Love Bite - Xavier Nathan - Melbourne, Australia

Love Bite is a short dark vampire comedy. It follows Charlie, a young guy grappling with the death of his Mother, and the apparent death of his girlfriend.

Boo - Rakefet Abergel - Los Angeles, USA

Over the course of a rough night, Devi, 7 years sober, must make a difficult choice between who she loves and what she loves.

Dance With A Demon - Mitch Bax & Fiona Vroom - Vancouver, Canada

Lost inside a fantasy world of dance, a lost mother must fight for her survival, or become another victim of the demonic clutches of depression.

Puppet Killer - Lisa Ovies - Vancouver, Canada

No One Will Ever Believe You - Frédéric Chalté - Montreal, Canada

It’s Halloween and Lucy wants to give a good state to her sister by dressing up as a monster. But she might not be the only creature lurking in the teenager’s room…

Feast - Jake Pascoe - Vancouver, Canada

In a post-apocalyptic desert, a man hunts on foot to rescue his young charge from a kidnapper.

Thirst Trap - Steve Flavin - Los Angeles, USA

As a vampire looks for his next hookup on a gay dating app, his night takes an unexpected turn.

Red Moon - Maya Fujino & Thomas Chrétien - Vancouver, Canada

On a red moon night, a succession of strange events are making Ben question what is real and what isn't. As the feeling of being hunted grows, so does the suspicion that it's all connected to the red moon itself.

O.I. - Victoria Burkhart & N'Cee Van Heerden - Vancouver, Canada

A happily married husband wakes up to a totally original idea and is the only one immune to it.

Bloodbreed - Shawn Chiesa - USA

While settling into her new apartment, a young woman encounters an abandoned pug who is simply craving affection but over the course of the night, she witnesses strange behavior and slowly realizes that this pug craves so much more...

Ouroboros - Melih Ozyilmaz & Umut Utku Serbetci - Istanbul, Turkey

Ouroboros is a story of redemption and obviously the cost of it. Revolving around themes such as loss, regret, failure and self-sacrifice, it also demonstrates what we believe is the most horrifying entity man could face; himself.

Consomme - Catherine Fordham - Brooklyn, USA

After a vicious fight, a woman simmers with anger as she heads home through Brooklyn’s threatening streets. When she’s attacked, her fiercest self takes over to fight for her life.

Hearth - Sophie B Jacques - Montreal, Canada

When Emillie returns home after renting her house to strangers, we witness what actually happened during her absence.

The Third Hand - Yoni Weisberg & Margot Douglas - Manchester, UK

Tonight feels like any other in the mundane life of this office worker. He watches the same show, eats the same food and just waits for it to end. But tonight is different. A blackout deep in the night awakens a mysterious room. Inside could be the secret to his wildest dreams, or worst nightmares.

Here Comes Eddie - Christopher Schrack - USA

When a woman realizes her bank account is staggeringly low, she resorts to searching Craigslist for any kind of quick money-making gig. She comes across an ad that promises easy money if she participates in a simple experiment. The experiment reveals that it revolves around someone named Eddie… and that Eddie likes playing with knives.

#No_Filter - Michael Dupret - Antwerp, Belgium

Anna, 18, tries new Instagram filters. She will discover that some of these filters have a real impact in real life and that she may not be so alone tonight.

Dulce Hogar - Gio Olmos - Montreal, Canada

In a rundown building, Susana, the doorkeeper, sets out to collect the monthly rent. From the first floor to the highest balcony, the excruciating nature of the transaction jeopardizes the safety of the lodgers.

Kaya - Catherine Fordham - Brooklyn, USA

A woman’s desperate search through truck stops and motels explodes in vigilante justice when she discovers a young girl being trafficked by the same crew of truckers who took her teenage sister.

Vessel - Jeremiah Hutchens - Denver, USA

VESSEL follows a masked man as he fights to regain his identity. This film is the first of a three part anthology exploring a specific theme within a supernatural landscape. This story is about control, and delves into the dynamic between master and subject, as well as the toxicity created by this relationship.

Make Me A Sandwich - Denman Hatch - Oakville, Canada

Marcy and her husband Johnson, an elderly couple, live together in a constant state of disarray. Johnson continually demands Marcy make him sandwiches, ad nauseam, but how long can she withstand his abuse before she finally cracks?

Hysteria - Kila Price - Calgary, Canada

A man with no patience and a heavy addiction must now deal with his own reality.

Teen Aged - Brendan Mitchell & Morgan Russo - USA

At a suburban Halloween party, a teenage werewolf finds himself adrift in a sea of masked faces, unable to fit in, even on a night where everyone pretends to be someone else. But before the night is over, he will learn that sometimes what you see isn’t always what you get...